FSC has been alerted that a performer previously using the stage name Zae Eden attempted to work using a forged test, digitally manipulated in PDF form. The fraud was discovered when another performer attempted to verify the test in the PASS database.

We are now aware of three separate incidents in which this performer worked without a valid test. We are in contact with the performers, and each has tested clear since.

FSC-PASS has secured the would-be performer’s legal name, alerted all PASS-affiliated clinics, and permanently banned them from participating in the PASS system.  Any person who forges a test or otherwise misrepresents themselves to a testing facility, is banned from participating in PASS, and thus any PASS-compliant shoots.

We remind everyone not to post images of their tests on social media, and not to rely on easily forgeable printouts or PDFs of a test to verify availability. The only way to verify a performer’s clear availability status is to log directly onto the PASS database. The PASS database is free to use, easy to access and available to any performer, producer or agent.

In the meantime, please remember:

  • All performers who are cleared for work are verifiable in the database — accept no excuses.
  • Immediately contact the Free Speech Coalition if you believe anyone has attempted to defraud you with a manipulated test.

If any performer or producer would like additional information or instruction regarding how to access the database in order to verify someone’s status, please contact PASS@freespeechcoalition.com .

Eric Paul Leue
Executive Director, Free Speech Coalition