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It’s difficult to not draw immediate parallels between PleazeMe, a new social media site the encourages and supports safe-space erotic discussion, and Facebook, a spinning vortex of creepiness and social media hell that is furthering the end of rational thought and possibly humanity along with it.

There are layout and structural similarities between PleazeMe and Facebook, but in all rational reality, that’s where any comparisons end. PleazeMe, while intended for anonymous, erotic conversation, already seems like a lighter, more positive destination for our online brains.

Apparently Americans are currently caught in a sexual drought, being caught up in their devices. While that might hold some truth, they could just be finding intimacy and discussion online (though not on Tumblr anymore) rather than with their partner. Since this isn’t a therapy session, let’s just say that PleazeMe offers the latter through a colorful and structured environment.

When you sign up for Pleazeme (currently in beta) you are presented with a short quiz on your sexual proclivities in order to properly categorize you into one of seven different erotic “worlds”. There is no shame here, no pressure to choose a “correct” answer. You do you. For example, my landing place was Avior, the home for sexual spirituality. This is more about the connection and spiritual side of sexual connections, rather than say Janus, which is the world where the cast of 50 Shades probably hangs out.