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SAN FRANCISCO — has publicly released it shooting protocols in an effort to encourage producers to adopt policies that champion consent on their own sets. reps report that the documents are the first step in building a larger online resource geared at improving consent practices on adult productions.

“Kink has over twenty years’ experience in producing safe, consensual, hardcore material,” said Alison Boden, CEO of “We are not perfect. But from our mistakes, we’ve learned to build systems that better protect performer consent. We want the knowledge that we’ve accumulated to be accessible to the broader industry, so that producers understand how consent can function, and so that performers on every set can feel safer and more in control. We don’t believe that safer sets should be marketplace advantage.”

The Kink Consent Resource page includes links to a variety of checklists, similar to those used by producers that work with A basic checklist, which is suitable for vanilla scenes as well, is available as a PDF download or in an editable format. Addendum for BDSM, fetish and male-male scenes are also available.

Also included are’s shooting protocols, and links to performer resources, such as Pineapple Support’s mental-health services and Free Speech Coalition’s INSPIRE program for new performers.

Boden further explained that the consent-based protocols should be viewed not only as a moral obligation to ensure performers’ health and wellbeing but also as “good business.”