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CYBERSPACE—Changes appear to be afoot within Twitter’s user policies so far as the types of content it will and will not allow people to post on its ubiquitous platform.

Some in the adult community took note recently of a clause in the “sensitive media policy” section of Twitter’s overall rules noting that depictions of “bodily fluids including blood, feces, semen, etc.” have been lumped under the “graphic violence” umbrella of media deemed “sensitive” in the eyes of Twitter’s gatekeepers. Any such media may not be posted “within areas that are highly visible on Twitter, including in live video, profile or header images.” In addition, Twitter asks that those users who do share such content mark their accounts as sensitive.

So what does this mean? In short—as has been the policy for adult content on Twitter for some time—you should not post anything in your header or profile image, nor live broadcast any video, containing ejaculate of any kind. And if you want to post any pictures or video containing visible semen or other bodily fluids in a tweet, your account should be marked as sensitive.

But things, of course, are a bit more complicated than that.