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ALEXANDRIA, VA—Woodhull is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the summit with incredible workshops on reproductive justice, kink, sex worker rights, trauma and healing, sex education, and more. And after a good day’s work on the many issues of sexual (and sex worker) freedom, it’ll be playtime, thanks to the returning featured Smut Slam and Bubbles and Burlesque show, not to mention sensual storytelling, sex toys galore—and bubbles. It’s a package not to be missed.

So, sex work activists and anyone else who values their sexual freedom in this country, why not attend the summit to learn how to fight for sexual freedom—and feel good doing it? Attend #SFS19 and experience the magic for yourself. (And let them know what’s bringing you pleasure lately!)

Woodhull’s partner in the Summit is sex worker collective SWOP USA, and the Summit’s sponsors this year include njoy, Walters Law Group, Chaturbate, U.S. Human Rights Network, Slixa and several others.

“Our sexual freedoms are under threat,” declared Ricci Levy, President and CEO of the Woodhull Freedom Foundation. “Reproductive rights are being rolled back across the country. LGBTQ and transgender health care are being undermined by the current administration. Laws like FOSTA are harming sex workers and inhibiting sexual expression. Meanwhile, the rise in white supremacy and racism looms over our day-to-day lives. The hard truth is: we are not yet free.