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The National Coalition on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) held an anti-porn conference in mid-June, in part to promote its new sub-group, the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation (CESE), and some of the “greats” of the anti-porn movement showed up to tell the (not very large) assemblage basically two things: 1) that nearly everyone who’s engaged in sex work of any sort around the world is doing it either because they’re being forced to, or because they were abused as a child and don’t know any better; and 2) that the best way to keep adults from wanting to view porn is to indoctrinate them with anti-porn “facts” while they’re young.

The conference, some of which was webcast on NCOSE’s Facebook page (and of which AVN virtually “attended” about seven hours), took place at the Hyatt Regency Dulles in Herndon, Virginia, from June 12-15, with the first day being devoted to lobbyist training followed by meetings with various legislators and/or their assistants on Capitol Hill. The rest of the convention was dedicated to multiple tracks of anti-porn/anti-sex work/anti-sex trafficking speakers, several of whom claimed to have once been sex workers themselves.