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OnlyFans—a subscription service that basically acts as a monetized and explicit-content-friendly version of Instagram—has been a boon to adult performers over the past few years. (A quick search for “OnlyFans” on YNOT will show just how ubiquitous it’s become.) As rates for traditional porn scenes have continued to drop and opportunities for lucrative careers in tried-and-true adult entertainment avenues have kept drying up, OnlyFans and its competition, JustFor.Fans, have stepped in to help performers (and other social media influencers) create their own content on their own terms. It’s one of relatively few safe places for performers to experiment with more explicit content online…and pocket more of the money themselves.

In a recent article from Wired, Jason Parham wrote, “OnlyFans, launched in July 2016 and took camming to a new realm, melding the internet’s earlier obsession with camming to its current fixation on influencer culture.” The mix of influencers and explicit content caught on, and, Parham reported, “It currently has 70,000 creators uploading content for some 7.5 million registered users; 25,000 new users sign up daily.”

OnlyFans and its younger but possibly hipper rival, JustFor.Fans, cater to the masses’ desire to see the online influencers they’re obsessed with in more personal, more authentic, and more vulnerable situations than their Instagram, their other social media, or their prerecorded porn scenes allow.



Miss Lagsalot is an adult industry hanger-on who’s been writing about her obsession with porn for over a decade.