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After the near-ubiquitous haute appropriation of the rainbow for every mainstream marketing campaign in the month of June, it certainly feels like conviction in formerly incendiary statements is all but disappeared.

But full disclosure — true activism is not a trend. And it’s not a marketing gimmick; although the proof of concept is certainly there.

In the close-knit “merry band of misfits” world of pleasure and sextech, few brands would consider themselves to be “activist” businesses but for many, it’s nevertheless woven into a company’s ethos.

So, what defines activism in the industry? The answer is as ambiguous as the question itself but in short, it boils down to an ingrained company-wide desire to use one’s power, however big or small, to make the world a better place.

XBIZ took a look at the movement towards social responsibility within the pleasure industry, profiling a number of companies who use their clout to do good.

There are many approaches and even more reasons why companies are getting involved at the online, local, national and international level but, one thing’s for sure: adult is stepping up and committing to creating a more equitable and tolerant world one gesture, one statement, and one small change at a time.