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LOS ANGELES — Dominic Ford has launched his newest social media service,
“Every day, members of the adult industry have their accounts on Twitter and Instagram shut down. Messages from people in the community saying ‘@X’s account was shut down, everyone go follow him/her at this new account: @newX’ are becoming more frequent,” a rep said. “So are messages from performers saying ‘Follow my secondary account in case this one gets removed.'”

Created by Ford, aims to solve this problem by enabling a performer to send out a Twitter message that reads, “Click this link to keep following me, even if my account changes.”

When a user follows that link, and logs in via Twitter, they are registered in the database and their connection to the performer is recorded. Then, if the performer’s account ever gets shut down, can automatically subscribe the user to the performer’s new account — or notify the user of the new account — so the model regains all of his or her followers almost instantly.