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SAN DIEGO, Calif.—The news continues to trickle out from the trial of GirlsDoPorn, its owner Michael Pratt, lensman Matthew Wolfe and actor/director Andre Garcia, along with several attached companies—and this time, it’s the revelation that even as the trial, now in its sixth week, continues, the company is still placing ads on Craigslist in an attempt to find unwitting young women to do their first hardcore scenes—and the revelation comes from none other than Wolfe himself.

That Wolfe testified at this point is surprising, since the plaintiffs, Jane Does 1-22, have not yet rested their case, and assuming that Wolfe remains a defendant—a status AVN has been unable to confirm—his testimony, which was taken on Wednesday, should not have occurred (if it were to occur at all) until it was time for the defense to present its case.

But the fact remains that it did happen, and plaintiffs’ attorney Brian Holm elicited some surprising revelations from him. For one, Wolfe testified that he continues to upload the videos he and others have shot for the company, in upscale hotels around the city, to the website—even though the contracts the performers sign do not mention websites at all, and according to prior testimony from several Jane Does, each was promised that such uploading would not happen, and that their scenes would only be seen on DVDs sold in Europe and the Far East. Nevertheless, the scenes have been posted to several adult websites, including Pornhub.