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In a new interview, Pose star Indya Moore opened up about doing sex work in the past and admitted they were worried it would hurt their acting career.

Moore told Jane Mulkerrins of the Evening Standard, a daily tabloid based in the U.K., that their role as Angel, a trans sex worker on FX’s Emmy-winning series, has been liberating. “It has really destigmatized sex work, not only for people watching the show, but for me, too,” they said. “I had internalized so much shame, I felt really ashamed of having been a sex worker.”

Before joining the hit show about 1980s ballroom culture in New York City, Moore said they were concerned that being involved in the sex work industry would limit their opportunities in Hollywood. “It was something that I feared I would be outed for and that it would harm me,” they said.

Plenty has been said about how Pose is helping trans people, queer people, and Black and Latinx queer and trans people be seen, but not as much has been said about the work the show is doing to destigmatize sex work.