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From celebrities to influencers, a successful career in the limelight requires thick skin and the ability to endure hate-spiked messages from the insecure and anonymous. Controversial celebrities, like porn stars, make particularly easy targets within a sex-obsessed culture that promotes shame in desire’s stead, vilifying what it cannot possess or police. Some porn consumers feel particularly entitled to their hate, projecting their self-gratifying guilt and moral qualms onto a person they’ve never met but will gleefully call a whore—a dehumanizing tactic to solidify their moral righteousness and justify the death threats.

Touted as one of the most-downloaded BBW stars, Sofia Rose embodies the concept of unfettered beauty, no longer handcuffed to societal pressures. As the reigning BBW XXX Performer of the Year, Rose continues to defy conventional stereotypes, collecting over a dozen awards in the last three years alone—and that’s after working in the adult industry for over a decade. As her popularity has increased, so have the death threats. “I used to get them every so often, a handful of times a year, but now I’m getting them on a weekly basis. They come on all platforms—I get emails, text messages, I have a number published on an app for messages, and on Twitter and Instagram,” says Rose.

“One of the guys went so far as to say he got my personal information from public voting records,” she continues. “And there was a photo of a gun, which obviously could have been downloaded from the internet, but it was a photo of a gun laying on a bed and he said, ‘I have your information.’ Then he talked about another performer and said, ‘just like I got hers’ and he used her real name. It was a performer I know personally so I know her legal name.”

Because Rose is an adult performer, reporting the death threats may feel like an exercise in futility. They come in anonymously, and until it becomes physical the authorities aren’t incentivized to dedicate resources. “I take every threat seriously because I don’t know. I save them, I don’t delete them, so if something happens there’s a record,” says Rose. “Reporting it falls on deaf ears because I’m a sex worker. It doesn’t matter that I’m someone’s mom, someone’s daughter, someone’s wife.”