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London-based inclusive sex toy company Hot Octopuss wants everyone to cum. “We believe the world would be a better place if everyone enjoyed happier and healthier sex lives,” reads their mission statement.

However, the company is well aware that sex toys aren’t the only thing between people and happy, healthy, fulfilling sex lives. Rather, “the principal obstacles… are the stigmas and taboos associated with sex and masturbation.”

The company wants their products to be available in a world where everyone feels free and empowered to pursue pleasure. They’re addressing both sides of the question with their new gender neutral finger sex toy The DiGiT and a new campaign called #ShowStigmaTheFinger, which visually challenges sexual stigma, stereotypes and discrimination.

Under creative direction from Aleksandra Karpowicz, the campaign’s six ambassadors shed their clothes to confront a different sexual prejudice: Ageism, transphobia, body-shaming, mental health, homophobia, colorism, and ableism.

“I’m sticking my finger up to those who think being older than 55 means I’m past my sexual prime. We’re constantly marginalized, especially when it comes to sex and dating. Pushed aside in favor of younger, perkier versions. Older men are called eligible bachelors and silver foxes, while older women are dubbed old maids and spinsters.” – Lori