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TRENTON, NJ – The New Jersey General Assembly is meeting today to discuss a wide variety of bills pending before the legislative body, including two bills which pertain to “employee misclassification” – the act of terming certain workers “independent contractors” when the law says those workers are “employees.”

New Jersey is among several states which have wrestled in recent years with the distinction between independent contractors and employers, revising existing laws or enacting new ones in ways which have caused concern among adult entertainment industry employers, who have long considered adult performers independent contractors, whether those performers appear in movies, appear on webcams, or perform as exotic dancers.

The two relevant bills being discussed by the New Jersey General Assembly today are A5839 and A5843. The former concerns penalties which can be imposed on employers for misclassifying their employees, while the latter requires employers to post notices for their employees regarding employee misclassification and the recourse employees have at their disposal when they believe they’ve been misclassified.