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Osé offers ‘blended orgasms’ and is available for pre-order now.

Osé, the sex toy that received a CES Innovation Award, lost it, and then won it back again, is finally ready to pre-order. The device sparked a debate about gender bias in the tech industry and what can, and cannot, be exhibited at the world’s biggest tech trade show. Now, a year on from making headlines across the world, the device is finally available for pre-order.

Osé is a massager offering “blended orgasms,” that stimulate a person inside and outside their body at the same time. Creator Lora Haddock said that after experiencing one for the first time, the former Navy officer quit pre-med to build a device that could make them. She also harnessed modern research on how women’s pleasure is derived, rather than relying upon outdated notions about how their bodies work.

Her research led her to conclude that there were no toys on the market that offered a blended orgasm, and so she tracked down a robotics expert to help her build one. “I went to Oregon State [University] to meet with Dr. John Parmigiani,” the university’s associate professor of mechanical engineering. “Nine months later, we had a prototype,” she added.

In late 2018, prototype in hand, Haddock applied to exhibit at CES 2019, submitting the Osé for one of the show’s coveted innovation awards. It was initially accepted, and won an award in the Robotics and Drone category, a big deal for any startup. A month later, however, organizers said that Osé would not receive the award, or be allowed to exhibit at the show.