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Remember the “orgasm” scene in “When Harry Met Sally?” Meg Ryan pretends to have an orgasm in the middle of a busy diner to prove to Billy Crystal that women fake orgasms all the time. The unintended (and hilarious) result is that the random woman beside them points to Meg Ryan and says to the waiter, “I’ll have what she’s having.” That is a classic example of customer word-of-mouth!

Okay, so she wasn’t actually reacting to the food, but if her sandwich really were that good, you can bet every woman in the restaurant would want it. As customers, we want to get the “inside scoop” and order the best thing possible, whether it’s a sandwich or a new personal lubricant. There is no source more reliable than an actual consumer reacting in real time! As a brand ambassador for System JO, it’s my job to get inside the customer experience, find out which things on the “menu” are selling like hotcakes (and hopefully why!) and which ones are languishing on the shelf. Armed with this critical insight, our company can move forward confidently with new product development, knowing what people want.