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Both presidential candidates voted in favor of the supposed anti-sex trafficking law last year.

Two weeks ago, reported on proposed new legislation by Democratic California House Rep. Ro Khanna that could take a first step toward repealing the FOSTA/SESTA “sex trafficking law” passed last year on overwhelming bipartisan votes in both the House and Senate. On Tuesday, Khanna officially introduced the bill.

Called “The SAFE SEX Workers Study Act,” the bill would require a full study of the effects of the law by the National Institutes of Health. Because existing studies and data appear to indicate that the law has actually made sex workers’ lives and jobs more dangerous, and may have even led to an increase in sex trafficking-related crimes, the study is seen as a possible first step toward repealing FOSTA/SESTA—or even decriminalizing sex work altogether.

On Tuesday, which is also International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers, the bill signed up backing from two top-tier Democratic presidential candidates—both of whom voted in favor of FOSTA/SESTA last year.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren both gave their support to Khanna’s bill.