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Every December, I like to take a moment to look back at how the year went. Let’s just say 2019 saw its share of business aches and pains.

I think we all deserve a collective massage after working through the many twists and turns from regulatory and compliance issues due to the ongoing Brexit saga and more.

Though it’s been challenging at times, we’ve learned a lot. I think it’s therapeutic to review how far we’ve come and what we accomplished. My final 2019 column highlights some of the major pain points from this year and offers hope for a much smoother 2020.

1. Regulations and Compliance

Keeping up with new regulations has kept everyone busy.

2. Banking, Accounts and Deposits

In Europe, banks have become unwilling to settle USD funds for dollar transactions, with all the reporting requirements that come with doing that.

3. Brexit

Anyone doing business in Europe is very likely challenged by Brexit and the uncertainty around it.

4. U.S. Processing Solutions

In the U.S., only three acquirers currently process high-risk payments, making it challenging for some merchants to place their business.

5. Coalition to Lobby for the Adult Market

Organizations like the Free Speech Coalition (FSP), Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP), Pineapple Support and others work on behalf of our industry to support adult workers and advocate for common sense legislation and card brand rules.