EDIT: Event times updated to reflect updated schedule.

LOS ANGELES — Free Speech Coalition will host an exclusive leadership conference  on January 16 during the 2020 XBIZ Conference in West Hollywood. The annual FSC Leadership Conference brings in speakers from outside the industry to address issues affecting those within it. 

This year, the Leadership Conference will address the new AB5 independent contractor law, the California Consumer Privacy Act, and diversity in the workplace.

“We are a unique industry, but some of the issues impacting us now are impacting all industries, not only in California, but across the nation,” says FSC Executive Director Michelle L. LeBlanc. “This year, we’ve put together a strong slate of experts who can help guide us through the most pressing issues we are facing.”  

The Leadership Conference will take place on Thursday, January 16 at noon, and last until 3PM. Topics will include:

Diversity Is Good for Business

Brickson Diamond discusses the positive financial and societal gains that have come from increased diversity behind the camera and in front of the camera in the mainstream entertainment industry.

Brickson Diamond is CEO of Big Answers, LLC, which consults on diversity and inclusion strategy for clients in entertainment, technology and asset management. Diamond began his career and spent 15 years as a marketing and client services executive with The Capital Group Companies, a $1.8 trillion global asset management firm. He is a founding board member and chair of The Blackhouse Foundation, which provides pathways for Black multi-platform content creators into career opportunities within film, television, digital and emerging platforms. Diamond is a graduate of Brown University and the Harvard Business School.

Is Everyone An Employee Now? Complying with California’s AB5

This moderated conversation will provide actionable advice for businesses and performers about complying with California AB 5, in effect as of January 1, 2020. It will clarify who can be classified as a contractor or an employee, and how to protect yourself when it comes to payments, taxes, insurance, and other aspects of the law.

Does the CCPA Impact Your Business? Spoiler Alert: Yes

If your business collects personal information from consumers, you are impacted by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which created new consumer rights relating to the access to, deletion of, and sharing of personal information. A privacy expert will take us through the CCPA, in effect as of January 1, 2020, and provide guidance to businesses on how to comply.

A full list of speakers and a more detailed schedule will be announced in the coming weeks.