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Is your store welcoming to women over 50? Is sexual health and well-being a focus of your business? Is your staff trained in sexual wellness for women and men as they go through their 50s, 60s 70s and older? According to VISA, consumers 60-plus will drive spending through at least 2025. Consumers age 40-plus continue to drive spending for the next 10-20 years. These consumers are online, on their mobile devices and in stores. They are price and quality sensitive and, in the intimate industry, rely heavily on expert advice.

A large segment of this age group is empty-nesters with disposable income and time to explore current or new relationships and lifestyles. Many are finding new partners and discovering pleasure again or even for the first time. With training and sensitivity, a grown-up customer may become a customer for life. Once you break through to this market segment, the word of mouth generated will increase traffic to your business and help brand you as an expert in the intimate field.



Cheryl Sloane coaches women over 50 with a specialty in intimacy and sexual happiness. She is also a marketing consultant and founder of the private Facebook Group, Grown-Up Women.