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With only one of the leading Democratic candidates, Elizabeth Warren, expressing even “openness” to decriminalizing sex work, rising longshot candidate Andrew Yang this week took the opportunity to say that he would “consider” decriminalization—but only “on the part of the seller,” according to a tweet that Yang posted on Monday.

“It would be helpful in combating human trafficking. Many sex workers are themselves victims,” Yang wrote in the tweet—that provoked an immediate backlash from sex workers and rights advocates.

“You are wrong in every way that it’s possible to be wrong,” wrote one, Seattle-based Mistress Matisse, on Twitter. “Sex workers want rights, not rescue.”

“You should consult with sex workers because the language here is all wrong,” wrote porn performer and activist Sydney Leathers. “We want FULL decrim, not just for the seller, but the buyer too. There’s no situation where criminalizing clients is good for sex workers (& we’re not all victims!)”

“Sex workers do NOT want the Nordic/Swedish model,” wrote Mistress Scarlet on her Twitter feed. “We do NOT want our clients arrested. Listen to US!!! We want full decriminalization of all adult consensual sex work!!”