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LOS ANGELES — After a raucous Winter Wonderland party the previous evening, XBIZ 2020 attendees bustled about and guzzled steaming coffee at the Sunset Lounge of the posh West Hollywood Andaz Hotel to perk up for an illuminating Day Three. And for the first panel that bright morning, a veritable Who’s Who of legal eagles flocked to the spacious Studio 4 to present “The Legal Landscape: A 2020 Preview.”

Moderated by the expertly time-sensitive Michelle LeBlanc, executive director of the Free Speech Coalition, top adult-savvy attorneys such as Corey Silverstein, Larry Walters, Paul Cambria, Jeffrey Douglas, Maxine Lynn, Allan Gelbard, Reed Lee, Nick Zargarpour and Gill Sperlein offered up sage advice on the biggest regulatory issues facing the biz.

Then, for the next three hours in Studio 4, the FSC Leadership Conference was held, exploring issues of minority representation in companies, Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) and the CCPA in greater depth. During the first third, “Diversity Is Good for Business,” presenter and consultant Brickson Diamond of Big Answers encouraged companies to hire employees of a variety of backgrounds.