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LAS VEGAS — The changing employment landscape in California should have adult entertainment operators concerned.

With the passage of the state’s Assembly Bill 5, there is no such thing as an “independent contractor” anymore, and studio and platform operators likely will be facing new challenges ahead over the models and performers they employ.

At this week’s Internext Expo in Las Vegas, a panel of legal experts weighed in on the effects of AB 5, which has become of critical importance for an industry that could possibly see a shift in production away from the Golden State, as well as other states that follow its lead.

With AB 5, California will reap $7 billion a year in new tax revenue, said industry attorney Michael Fattorosi, who led the panel discussion that included fellow industry attorneys Lawrence Walters and Corey Silverstein.

“So other states are going to start looking at this and say, ‘wow, we can increase our tax revenue,’ ” said Fattorosi, who explained that AB 5 is a recent law that codifies a previous case called Dynamex, which basically allowed wage orders to apply to a lot more classifications of workers.



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