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BOSTON – In memorandum of law filed in support of their motion for summary judgment in the case, Mile High Distribution and its co-defendants argue the plaintiff, Leah Bassett, has “utterly failed” to support her claims of copyright infringement and civil RICO violations.

Mile High’s memorandum began by highlighting what the defendants termed an “astonishing” confession on the part of Bassett.

“Plaintiff Leah Bassett’s Opposition Response to Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment and Cross Motion for Summary Adjudication prove what Defendants have contended all along – that Plaintiff copyrighted her personal belongings, a year-and-half after the incident she now complains of, solely for the purpose of shaking down Defendants,” the defendants asserted.

The memorandum then quoted from an affidavit Bassett filed in a previous opposition to Mile High’s motion for summary judgment, in which Bassett conceded that she has never “sought to sell, reproduce, license or otherwise seek a profit” from the works in question. Bassett also confessed she only filed copyright applications for the works at issue when her lawyer advised her that it “looked like we were heading towards a lawsuit,” after the defendants declined to reach a settlement in response to her lawyer’s initial demand letter.



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