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LOS ANGELES — “VICTORY” proclaimed the headline, in triumphant capital letters, of a now-refuted claim by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) that they had slain one of their identified beasts.

In a press release subtitled “United Airlines Removed from Dirty Dozen List, Agrees to Train Crews to Stop In-Flight Porn Use,” the anti-pornography group claims to have pressured United Airlines into changing their sexual harassment training policy and adopting a zero-tolerance stance on watching pornography — in addition to “anything over an R-rating” — in-flight.

“With hundreds of messages flooding into United Airlines’ Customer Service line this past year while the corporation — which employs over 85,000 people worldwide and flies over 150 million customers a year — was listed on the ‘2019 Dirty Dozen List,’ United has now stepped up to combat in-flight sexual harassment and pornography use with improved training for its flight attendants,” trumpeted the NCOSE.

“The new training emphasizes United Airlines’ zero-tolerance policy for hardcore pornography (and anything over an R-rating) on personal devices and helps flight crews with how to approach passengers who view such material in-flight.”

NCOSE takes credit for this policy change; XBIZ confirmed today this claim is false.

The move by United Airlines to strengthen their training of flight attendants to recognize and respond to sexual harassment incidents predates, by a year, their inclusion on NCOSE’s “Dirty Dozen” list.