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When you have made the decision to have an in-store event, proper planning and execution is vital. In-store events, specifically where product is given away, need to make sense monetarily for your business and anyone partnering with you.

Your long-term goal for having an event should include seeing a financial return. Even if the event is completely free, you have to find ways to capitalize on the added traffic. After all, that is why we are in business! Any opportunity to market yourself to a new customer is a great one, but these parties also give you an opportunity to show appreciation to your loyal customers. The experience everyone has will determine the word of mouth that travels around. This is why it’s important to make sure the experience is memorable for every guest! Make sure to create several photo opportunities for your team and guests so that everyone in attendance can advertise for you. We all know how powerful social networking is, so use this to your advantage. Have a photographer on-site that can capture all those fun moments so that you can use them in advertisements down the road. This is another way to give back to the sponsors and to potentially gain new ones for future events.