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WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. — The International Entertainment Adult Union (IEAU), the organization that submitted the “Sex Worker Permit” California bill AB2389 to Assemblywoman Cristina Gonzalez, has released a statement apologizing to the adult industry for their role in this controversy.

This is the official IEAU statement about AB2389, sent by Phyllisha Anne, IEAU’s secretary:

We are in complete agreement in the fact that this bill language is in not any way the correct language, and the language in which it stands as of now is definitely alarming. We greatly apologize to the industry, again this was not our intentions, and please allow us time to present it to the industry with the proper corrections that it was originally intended for. 

Never has it been my intention, as founder, nor will it ever be my intention, to control what business owners do or tell them how to run their business. This current bill was not intended to set regulations on a business that has regulated themselves just fine for many years. That is not my place to do so, and that is not at all what I was trying to do. Please allow us the time to correct the bill so we can present to the industry.

This union stands for health and safety throughout the adult industry and to work for better staple lives for each and every one of us. That has been our statement from day one. That is our statement today and it this will be our statement years from now.