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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The California Legislature has just published the amendments drafted by Assemblymember Cristina Gonzalez to the controversial AB2389, known as the “Sex Worker Permit” bill.

AB2389 would require all “adult performers” to register their personal information with the State and receive mandatory training — including “human trafficking” education — in order to perform in adult content (whether studio shoots or self-produced), feature dance in clubs or perform in cam shows.

The amended bill was published on the official California Legislative Information website sometime between last night and this morning.

The biggest change between the bill as originally submitted, and the amended version is the removal of the entire introductory section, which made overly broad, unsupported claims and generalizations.

The amended bill removes several puzzling assertions, including: “There are hundreds of thousands of adult entertainers currently working in the United States,” “All adult entertainment workers are now classified as employees in the State of California as determined by Assembly Bill 5 with other states now following closely behind,” “Significant criminal activity has historically and regularly occurred” in adult entertainment, and “depression and suicide rates have risen.”