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LOS ANGELES—California attorney general Xavier Bercerra Thursday released an official press statement regarding the 12-count indictment filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court against adult talent agent Derek Hay, along with two other individuals, in which Hay was charged with two counts of pandering by procuring.

The statement explains that Hay’s two charges, which fall under California Penal Code 266I(A)(1), implicate him for having “allegedly introduced female clients” of his agency LA Direct Models to the other two indicted individuals “for the purpose of prostitution.”

“Exploiting young women takes a cold, hollow heart,” Becerra commented in the statement. “With the #MeToo movement, more and more women are courageously stepping forward and shining light on abuses perpetrated by people in positions of power. At the California Department of Justice, we welcome their voices and will use our authority to hold those involved in criminal, exploitive activity accountable.”