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In news that reportedly caused the value of Twitter shares to jump, Elliot Management Corp. is making a push to replace Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. While the reasons for the firm’s desire to replace Dorsey likely don’t include concern that the platform is too adult-friendly, that adult-friendly disposition may change in the leadership shuffle anyway, should Elliot succeed in elbowing Dorsey aside.

In addition to being CEO of Twitter, Dorsey is also the CEO of payment processing service Square – and this unusual dual role has always unsettled some investors in the company. Adding to their trepidation is Dorsey’s stated intent to move to Africa for at least a few months around the middle of this year.

Thus far, it’s unclear who Elliot (and other investors) would want as a replacement for Dorsey, or whether talk of replacing the CEO will turn into action to do the same. Still, any time there’s change at the top of a corporation, there’s the possibility of status quo-altering changes taking place down the chain of command, across the corporate culture and within that company’s policies.

The potential impact of Twitter changing its CEO is entirely speculative, of course – as is, for that matter, the notion the company will change its CEO. Still, since Twitter now stands alone among the major social media platforms in being adult-friendly, it’s not unreasonable to be concerned about possible shifts in its policies, regardless of what might cause those shifts.


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