Dear Community,

Last night, FSC called for the voluntary shutdown of all adult sets in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We did not take this decision lightly. We understand that, for many performers, producers, and crew, the economic impact this will have is potentially devastating. Several states, including California, have called for the suspension of all non-essential businesses, and we expect more states to follow.

FSC is currently working on a plan to help workers and businesses survive this crisis. We are talking with our members at all levels to find solutions and resources to lessen the impact. This could involve expanding the Performer Subsidy Fund to include crew, for example, or working to coordinate resources among community members. We are working as quickly as possible to develop relief plans, and welcome ideas and contributions. 

In the short-term, for those who do not have reliable, affordable access to a doctor for non-urgent medical issues, an entry-level membership with FSC will give you access to Teladoc for just $10 per month when you use the discount code 5OFF. (Sign up for the “Supporter” level here.)

This is an unprecedented challenge to the health of the adult industry, but we have faced challenges before. The Free Speech Coalition was formed to protect our members from being arrested by moralistic crusaders in the government, and we fought to overturn unjust laws. Our testing system was forged during the HIV epidemic, and has helped us create an industry that is a model for prevention. While this immediate challenge may feel overwhelming, I know our industry will come back even stronger.

Right now, we must protect not only our own health, and the health of our community, but the health of communities around us, particularly those who are older or immunocompromised. Currently, the only known way to stop the spread of this virus is to severely limit contact with others, and public health authorities have recommended limiting all non-essential activity. While you may feel comfortable tolerating risk, each interaction has the potential to spread the virus to someone who can not, overloading healthcare systems and hospitals as we have seen in Europe. 

We understand how difficult this is, and are working to help reduce the impact on all our workers and businesses. In the coming days, we will offer more guidance and resources. As always, we continue to fight for you and this industry.

Be safe,

Michelle L. LeBlanc
Executive Director