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As an industry we fight battles on many fronts every day. We adopt a collective voice when it comes to topics that we are passionate about not only for ourselves, but for everyone around us. We fight for people to have access to free sex education, whether it’s through our business or not. We fight for people to be able to shop in an adult store, like they would any other store. We stay steadfast that store windows won’t be blacked out or unfairly restricted. We fight to give a voice to those in our community who need it, or our support in their own personal endeavors. To those who may not have the same platforms we do. Whether it be the sales floor of a retail store, the podcast of a manufacturer, or an online store help section. We tenaciously press forward to give everyday people a safe place to pursue pleasure products of interest or of purpose. We fight for people like ourselves who should have the same opportunities we have for an uncomplicated relationship with their body.

Part of un-complicating that relationship is embracing the diversity of our bodies as much as we do the diversity of our voices. As manufacturers or retailers, we listen to what people ask for when it comes to our product. We get daily feedback on ways to enhance both our products and our processes. We take what we learn and make it better. It’s not rocket science but evidence of the mobility we have when it comes to improving our immediate business.