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LOS ANGELES — The global War on Porn continues on a new front, as news outlet Mainichi Japan reports that government officials are facing accusations of discrimination with the denial of public aid to sex workers harmed by the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

Following Japan’s school closures, its Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has declined compensation to sex workers who need time off to care for their children. Reports note the ministry determined the adult entertainment industry, which includes nightclubs and other establishments, is “unworthy of receiving public funds.”

Other workers will be compensated, either through their employer to underwrite the cost of extending paid leave, or directly to the self-employed.

“According to the ministry, those involved in the entertainment, restaurant and sex industries, alongside organized crime group members and organizations that have carried out or potentially will carry out terroristic and destructive activities, are ineligible for the public assistance,” the Mainichi article reports.