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It’s been just under four years since Utah Governor put pen to paper to sign a nonbinding resolution declaring pornography to be (among other things) a “public health crisis.”

The resolution also used the E word – “epidemic” – to underline just how detrimental they believe pornography is to people’s health.

As I write this post, Utah’s own reports indicate that the state has 1012 COVID-19 cases and seven deaths attributed to the virus. Across the country, we’re up to 217,661 total reported cases and over 5100 deaths.

So, I’m just going to cut to the chase and be the asshole who says it out loud: Governor Gary Herbert, motherfucker, this is what a public health crisis looks like.

But no worries, residents of Utah! Your Governor is taking BOLD ACTION – by allowing a new bill requiring porn producers and distributors to put warning labels on their content to become law, without his signature being affixed to it.