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WASHINGTON, D.C. — A spokesperson for the Small Business Administration (SBA) told news site Buzzfeed that the federal agency will “probably not” waive the language excluding “prurient” sex workers and sex businesses from applying for CARES disaster relief.

In a rare statement by an SBA official about the controversial sex-oriented business exclusion, Office of Disaster Assistance Press Officer Carol Chastang spoke about the “prurient” clause for an article published by Buzzfeed on Saturday.

The article is headlined, “If You Strip, Make Porn, or Sell Sex Toys, You Might Not Get Any Coronavirus Aid Money. That’s Where the First Amendment Comes in.”

When reporter Otilia Steadman asked “if the restriction on ‘prurient’ businesses might be waived by the SBA in light of the rushed rollout,” Chastang answered, “Probably not.”