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Zoom is allegedly cracking down on nudity following reports that users have been organizing orgies and sex parties during COVID-19 quarantine.

The video conferencing app, which was initially intended to host business meetings and conference calls, surged in popularity this year after world leaders rolled out social distancing measures to prevent the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus. Internal reports from Zoom claim that over 200 million daily users logged onto the app in March, using the platform to host everything from weddings to virtual happy hours. Queen Elizabeth is even throwing a Zoom birthday party.

But as users find creative ways to maintain their social lives through Zoom, the company is reportedly drawing a line at hanky panky. A representative for Zoom told Rolling Stone that its “user policies explicitly prohibit any obscene, indecent, illegal, or violent activity or content on the platform,” meaning that displaying pornography and engaging in sexual acts falls outside “acceptable use” guidelines.

“We encourage users to report suspected violations of our policies, and we use a mix of tools, including machine learning, to proactively identify accounts that may be in violation,” said the unnamed spokesperson.