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It comes as little surprise that the adult webcamming industry is doing pretty well right now. Millions of people are stuck at home waiting out the coronavirus and many of those are bored and horny. Webcams provide an outlet for both states of being. But as the virus rages outside, many of us are also scared, anxious, cooped up, and lonely. Sheltering in place is not for the faint of heart. Enter adult webcam models, who bravely take on not just the burden of allaying randiness and boredom in their viewers—but often their fears, as well.

In a recent article on Vox, writer Mark Hay took a look at how the spike in webcam traffic may not be driven entirely by horniness, but rather worldwide needs for human connection.

With many of us stuck at home alone or with family or partners or roommates who are just as anxious as we are, wrote Hay, “The quest for connection—especially the kind of one-sided and uncomplicated intimacy cam sites often provide—may well explain why [Alex] Hawkins [of xHamster] says that xHamster’s cam platform has seen traffic grow twice as fast as its flagship tube site” during the coronavirus pandemic. Similarly, reported Hay, has seen about a 30 percent increase in traffic, while Stripchat says growth has accelerated as lockdowns have expanded.