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LOS ANGELES—It comes as no surprise to members of the adult entertainment industry and their supporters that the government, whether local, state or federal, rarely treats our industry fairly—and the fact that there’s a worldwide coronavirus pandemic going on has brought one government program, the Small Business Administration’s loan program, under particular scrutiny.

As set forth in this writer’s articles herehere and here, the federal government employees who essentially create governmental policy, often without having the least understanding of the businesses they’re attempting to “serve” and/or regulate, either because of the employees’ politically conservative and/or religious beliefs, fail to comprehend that some of those businesses—particularly the ones commonly labeled “adult”—have just as much right to exist as, say, Shake ShackRuth’s Chris Steakhouse, Potbelly and hundreds of other fairly large businesses who have had no problem receiving small business loans under the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

As has become quite clear, the method these government employees have used to evade their constitutional duty to treat all legal businesses fairly is through the use of language which has a very specific meaning under the law, but which is easily misunderstood by laypersons who may see it and, worse, be called to act upon such language.