Ecommerce is taking the lead for pleasure products sales. Foot traffic is becoming more obsolete, nothing makes that more evident that these past few weeks with stay-at-home orders. But there are tried and true tactics pleasure product retailers can take to keep driving their online sales.


The internet has become one of the most accessible and necessary tools for navigating the technologically enhanced world we live in. It has become vital to the sex toy industry which has been killing the game for over the past two decades with the growing curiosity of consumers and their relationship with pleasure for themselves and with their partners. An episode from “Sex and the City” reminded me of how crucial brick-and-mortar sex shops were to those looking to dive deeper into their sexuality and intimacy when the internet was new and shopping online wasn’t quite a thing yet.

In those same two decades, however, many consumers have turned to the internet for most of their shopping needs — which begs the question: How can retailers continue to survive in a technological world, and what improvements can be made to sustain them as the sexual wellness ecommerce market continues to steadily rise?


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