In this XBIZ report, they break down the many ways today’s top adult stars are adapting to the very rapidly changing business landscape during stay-at-home orders. As it turns out, performers, content & collaboration is king.


“If you build it, he will come,” whispers a voice to Kevin Costner’s character Ray Kinsella, while he’s walking through the cornfield of his newly-purchased Iowa farm in the classic 1989 fantasy-drama sports film “Field of Dreams.” Raised in the city by a baseball-loving father with whom he had become estranged, Kinsella — now a family man with a loving wife and kid — regrets not making things right with his dad.

Driven by the ghostly appearance of legendary player Shoeless Joe Jackson and visions of a baseball diamond, Kinsella embarks on a mad quest to build one right in the midst of his farm. Risking his very livelihood in the process as he follows mysterious signs and dreams, Kinsella succeeds in building his very own field of dreams.


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