The hope is that straight as well as cis people can help the trans fight for better medical, employment and equal rights. We are all humans and trans people are deserving of living with the same rights as everyone else.


It’s probably not news to any adult industry member who’s come out publicly as having had sex on camera that “polite society” isn’t exactly welcoming—but guess what? If you’re an adult performer and transgender, you’re lucky to get a seat even in the back of the societal bus.

The Trump administration has made it pretty clear that the president considers all LGBTQ citizens to be second class, but he’s had a particular hard-on (sorry) for trans people. Ever since Trump tweeted in July of 2017 that “The United States Government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military,” there’s been plenty of dissension in the ranks, with more than 56 retired generals and admirals, as well as prominent Members of Congress both Democrat and Republican condemning the order, and although various federal courts ruled that the ban could not take effect, the U.S. Supreme Court lifted those injunctions in January of 2019, and the ban began taking effect just over one year ago.


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