For whores of all stripes, the show must go on. The 45th anniversary of International Whores’ Day will be held virtually, online for the 1st time in its history. This online event is being organized by NYC-based IWD NYC Digital Rally.


On June 2 from 12pm-2pm ET, NYC-based sex worker rights activists are staging an online rally and social media takeover.

NEW YORK CITY—The 45th anniversary of International Whores’ Day (IWD) will take place on June 2, 2020. It’s an event, worldwide in scope, that began in Lyon, France in 1975 when more than 100 sex workers protested the violence and police brutality the sex workers suffered simply by attempting to practice their livelihood. Every year on June 2, sex workers around the world honor IWD by protesting the injustices they face, organizing community celebrations, and educating the public on the harmful policies affecting their survival and the need for the decriminalization of sex work.


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