The adult industry is as self-sufficient as it ever was. It is now even more evident amongst the coronavirus pandemic. FSC has a long history of being the industry’s leader in legal battles. Now amidst this health and safety battle, FSC continues to guide returning to work protocols and supplement incomes that have suffered due to the voluntary production hold related to covid-19.


With many businesses across the country closed due to the covid-19 pandemic, a national conversation is taking place about industries and workers hit especially hard by work stoppages and how to help them. Unlike other industries, however, no federal bailout money is earmarked for pornography. Instead, the adult community, led by the industry’s main trade association, the Free Speech Coalition, is coming together to take care of its own.

Established in 1991, the Free Speech Coalition is dedicated to protecting the First Amendment rights of pornography producers, distributors, retailers and performers — individuals who have long been the target of government-led obscenity crackdowns and anti-pornography crusades. It also oversees a network of national testing sites that screen performers for HIV and sexually transmitted infections to ensure performer safety, providing a model for how organized testing and tracing works.


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