Over the past week, dozens of performers have come forward with appalling allegations of sexual violence and consent violations on set. Whether it’s pressure to perform, refusal to respect limits, or outright assault, non-consensual behavior on set is unacceptable. 

Our bodies are sovereign. A performer’s control over their own body is inviolable. Anyone who refuses to recognize this — either through their words, their actions, or their complicit silence — has no place in our industry. 

We stand with all survivors of sexual violence. We know that coming forward is a courageous decision fraught with danger for sex workers — who face even more discrimination in the legal system, the press, and society than other survivors do.

As an industry we can’t waste the opportunity for change these survivors have given us. They have paid for this with their bodies, their blood, and their tears. We owe it to them to stop these abuses once and for all.

We are living through a moment that will be recorded in history. Old systems are being toppled, and power is being seized from those who wield it unjustly. Now is a time for action that goes beyond words.

At FSC, we commit to these actions:

  1. Formalize a process for receiving reports of sexual violence and consent violations on set, and escalating them to the companies or individuals who need to act on them.
  2. Publish guidelines for sexual violence prevention policies in adult film production.
  3. Publish a directory of FSC members, all of whom have agreed to abide by our Code of Ethics.