FSC applauds the decision of the Labor Commission in the case finding for five adult performers in their complaint against Derek Hay. Hay has long operated outside the bounds of the industry, and FSC has spoken out about the violations repeatedly. The behavior detailed is immoral, illegal, and unacceptable. Hay was not a member of Free Speech Coalition, and for years has refused to abide by the industry’s testing protocols.

The Commission ruled that Hay had illegally taken fees from those he represented, that he ignored their no lists, put them in unsafe working environments, misrepresented the legality of his contract, engaged in inappropriate sexual relationships with his performers, and failed to work in the best interest of those he represented. None of this is acceptable, under either California law or ethical production in the adult industry. 

Unethical representation thrives when there is little to educate performers about what is right, standard, and acceptable in a contract, or within the adult industry. Many newcomers rely on agents to educate them. This is entirely insufficient. 

Last year, FSC began the INSPIRE Program, which helps newcomers to the industry understand what is and is not acceptable. INSPIRE also includes a list of licensed agents. (Using a licensed agent means there is at least some government oversight, and the possibility of punishment for violations.) We will be increasing the scope of the program and working to provide more access to a greater number of performers. 

No performer should have to experience the abuse, assault, coercion, wage theft or fraud detailed by these performers, whether at the hands of an agent, manager or producer. Sex work is real work, and sex workers deserve the same professionalism, respect, honesty, and consent as any other worker.

Free Speech Coalition has long called for the decriminalization of consensual sex work, not only on the moral grounds of allowing private consensual behavior, but to allow sex workers to speak openly about abuse, coercion, and theft that flourishes when they are forced to work in the shadows.