Hamed Bosset-Allen is an accomplished entrepreneur who has over 15 years of brand development and marketing experience. In 2017, he founded SOS Distribution, which offers industry-exclusive brands with formulations for all genders and couples.

Here, he gives 10 tips for how brick and mortar retailers can stay afloat amidst uncertainty.


Without an online presence it’s difficult now more than ever for businesses to stay afloat with looming lockdowns. There are various reasons people may not have an online presence. Some were very busy and therefore content with their foot traffic, others may have been intimidated by e-commerce, lack of knowledge, and processes it takes to implement strong warehousing to back the online campaign. Plus it was never easy to find talented web designers because after all only 1 percent of the global population knows how to code. Hence creating a successful online presence was a costly setup and even costlier to maintain. But that’s old news! There are so many easy and essential tools, platforms, sites and strategies you can incorporate immediately. It won’t cost you money, but rather, time and patience. We seem to have a great deal of one and not the other, so when you embark on adopting some of these strategies, keep in mind patience is a virtue.


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