Adult film production hubs are seeing a renewed and unprecedented risk for transmission of COVID-19. 

Yesterday morning, the Los Angeles County health department called the rise in transmission ‘alarming,’ and estimated that 1 in 140 residents carries the virus and does not know it. In South Florida’s Miami-Dade region, more than 1 in 5 people are testing positive for the coronavirus. In Las Vegas this weekend, cases of COVID-19 were triple their previous peak. All areas are seeing large jumps in infections and hospitalizations for those under age 30. 

When these regions lifted their restrictions on film production earlier this month, we issued the Health and Safety Guidelines for Adult Film Production and advised the industry that we did not yet believe it was safe to shoot adult content outside the home. We have not changed our position. 

As we have throughout the pandemic, we continue to follow the orders of local public health authorities and municipal government in regards to mainstream film production. (COVID-19 not sexually transmitted, and poses no greater risk to adult performers than a mainstream love scene.) However, should those authorities once again call for mainstream film production to stop, we will comply with those orders and call for a production hold in that region. 

FSC is not calling for a production hold in any region at this time. However, given the recent spike in infections, there is a significant and increased risk of transmission associated with the production of adult content outside your home or with people you do not live with. The Guidelines might help you limit that risk, but if at all possible, you should refrain from shooting outside your home or household for the immediate future.