Winston Hines, broker in charge of HWH Properties, is a licensed commercial real estate and business broker, specializing in the purchase and sale of adult nightclubs and stores throughout the U.S. for over 20 years. 

Winston discusses the layered challenges that come with maintaining the real estate of brick and mortar retail locations.


This question was recently posed during an online conference: How are storeowners dealing with landlords? As a CCIM candidate and a commercial real-estate broker since 1992, let me give you the current thinking from major commercial analysts.

Your building is either a freestanding building or it is a leased part of a larger building. Take a deep breath; it’s better than it might look at first glance. First off, there are two classes of adult storeowners: those who have mortgages on their building (or store), and those who have leases on their store building. Either one presents separate considerations for how the owner/operator needs to approach this COVID-19 clusterfuck.


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