FSC has recently learned of several incidents in which performers and crew were exposed to COVID-19 on adult film sets in the past few weeks. Because the testing was done outside of PASS, through production companies that are not members of FSC, there has not been adequate accounting of the incidents.

Today, FSC met with major agents to institute a more formal process for reporting positive tests and possible exposures outside of PASS, so that contact tracing can take place and so that performers, producers, and crew can be better informed about the risk.  

While we have not confirmed any cases of on-set transmission, three performers have reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 in the past few weeks, resulting in on-set exposures and in one case, the quarantine of a crew. (No additional positive tests have been reported.) In unrelated incidents, we have heard reports of crew members and make-up artists testing positive for the virus. 

We do not know the identities of the performers or crew involved, but the lack of disclosure around such incidents is concerning. Information is not being shared beyond those immediately affected. By working with agents to develop a confidential reporting protocol, we can identify risks, provide a clearer picture of the current production landscape, and alert the community in case of a specific threat.

  • We ask that producers, performers, and other members of the community report any COVID-related incidents outside of PASS to the FSC. The specifics will be kept confidential, but it’s critical that the community is aware of the volume of incidents and the affected regions.
  • Do not assume that no news is good news. As we have learned over the past several weeks, positive tests are occurring in the production pool. They are not being publicly disclosed.
  • A negative test, even one conducted 24-hours prior to a shoot, is not a guarantee that a person is negative. This is why testing is just one part of the comprehensive health and safety guidelines.

If anyone has information on other COVID-related risks in the adult industry, please contact FSC at report@freespeechcoalition.com. Your information will be kept confidential.