Over the next few weeks, FSC will host two different workshops focused on negotiating consent on-set and during content trades, led by film and television intimacy coordinator Mia Schachter. The three-hour workshops are specifically designed to help adult performers and directors better communicate about consent before and during production, in an effort to reduce intentional and unintentional boundary violations.

The workshops are part of FSC INSPIRE, a performer-led initiative to provide greater resources for performers, and are sponsored by Brazzers. The participatory online workshops are each limited to 12 participants. To register, click here.

Boundaries and Consent for Directors
Thursday, August 20, 10 AM-1 PM PST

Boundaries and Consent for Performers
Thursday, September 3, 10 AM-1 PM PST

“We need to ensure that performers always feel comfortable speaking up on set and during content trades, and that directors and scene partners are always willing to listen,” says Michelle L. LeBlanc, FSC Executive Director. “Over the past weeks and months, we’ve held conversations with people involved in all aspects of production and content creation. There are many factors at work in a professional sex scene, but open communication will always be central in establishing consent. We hope these workshops, and future FSC INSPIRE initiatives, will help the adult industry have more equitable, responsive sets.”

About the workshops, from Mia Schachter:

“The class is three hours long and covers three consent frameworks. We will discuss ways to mitigate the power dynamic yourself, awareness of the hierarchy and pressure on actors, and how to have conversations about sex scenes with both directors and actors. We talk about the difference between feeling uncomfortable vs unsafe.

Consent and boundary knowledge can help you find ever more nuance and subtlety in your communication. It gives more options, expands structure, and can even open up space for creativity.”